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Listen to the C8 Corvette Take Off

Mid-Engine Corvette
Image from SavageGeese

The Sighting That Keeps On Giving

We reported on the sighting of the C8 mid-engine Corvette in California that several journalists spotted while they were on a recent Kia Soul press drive. There are tons of videos and photos floating around out on the Web. The most recent one that caught our attention comes from Benjamin Hunting’s Instagram profile.

The reason it caught our attention was that you can hear the roar of what can only be a V8 as the C8 takes off from the stop where the journalists all stopped to take photos of the mid-engine Corvette. According to Corvette Blogger, Corvette product manager Harlan Charles and Ride and Handling Engineer Alex MacDonald were on the trip with the testing team putting the C8 through its paces and benchmarking it against the C7 Corvette and the Porsche 911 that were also driving with the group.

While this doesn’t really show anything new, it’s worth the watch. Well, more accurately, it’s worth the listen. You can simply close your eyes and sit back and imagine what it’s like to be piloting this mid-engine monster of a Corvette along the California roads.

The C8 mid-engine Corvette should debut soon. Chevrolet has still not set an official date nor let slip much of the specifications. There’s plenty of shots and videos out there, but we’re ready for the real thing. It should be coming soon, and when it does, we’ll be all over it.