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Here’s a 3-Minute Video of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Testing in California

C8 Corvette spotted in California
Image from Driven on YouTube

Lots of Shots, Not Much New

We reported yesterday that the C8 Corvette was spotted testing outside of San Diego, California. Well, actually five of the cars were seen testing out there. The sighting occurred during a Kia Soul press launch test drive event. The auto journalist that posted the video we showed you yesterday wasn’t the only member of the press that posted photos and videos of the cars. 

Several others surfaced on social media and around the web. One of the best videos we’ve found of the sighting comes from award-winning journalist Tom Voelk of Driven Car Reviews and The New York Times. Voelk was able to capture about three-minutes of driving footage that you can check out below. As he states in the video, the quality is pretty poor. The audio quality in the raw footage must have been even worse because Voelk decided to crank up some tunes instead of making people listen to whatever was said or not said while filming.

The small fleet of C8 Corvettes was accompanied by a couple of C7 Corvettes and a Porsche 911. That was no doubt to compare the cars. However, as Voelk points out, the weather was terrible, and we doubt Chevy learned much from this particular testing run.

Corvette Blogger points out that Corvette Vehicle Performance Manager Alex MacDonald was one of the men in the group of C8 Corvettes testing. The publication also points out that Corvette Project Manager Harlan Charles was also spotted. This isn’t revolutionary news, as you would expect the guys managing the project to be there testing the vehicles. Still, it’s nice to know who is behind the wheel of these machines.