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Joe Biden Spills the Beans on an Electric 200 MPH Corvette


Joe biden corvette

We’re Not Mad That He Let This Slip

We had our suspicions, but now it seems that there’s news that Chevrolet has an electric Corvette in the works. In a recent campaign ad for Joe Biden, he said that Chevrolet is working on an electric Corvette that will do 200 mph. According to the Detroit Free Press, insiders have confirmed that the company is working on an electric Corvette. However, timing and top speed are unknown.

“They tell me, and I’m looking forward if it’s true to driving one, that they’re making an electric Corvette (that can) go 200 miles an hour,” Biden said in the “Joe Biden Gets Vetted” video. The video is included below, and the quote is at the end of it. What’s interesting to us is not that Joe Biden said something crazy about the Corvette, but that Detroit Free Press now has confirmation from an anonymous source about the electric Corvette that’s in the works.

We do wonder, however, where Biden heard that it was going to do 200 mph. The unclear “they” in his statement could be someone within General Motors, but it could also just be something he read on the Web. It’s unclear in such a small video clip exactly what he meant.