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Jealousy: Time To Gush Over The C5

Does the C5 get a lot of hate because it's too popular?

That’s the theory from a recent Mark Roden video. At nearly 65,000 subscribers he’s far from the YoutubeMillion club of viral-type Corvette content providers, but got my attention because he’s giving props to my favorite generation with a thought-provoking narrative. No surprise the popularity of the C5 bled over to produce one of Mark’s most popular videos on his channel, with nearly 90,000 views.

His narrative is that jealousy brings out “the most vile insults ever” from car guys and that the C5 gets a lot of hate for “literally just being too popular.” Now he does go on to clarify that 90% of us car guys aren’t snowflakes, and can dish out and receive the hate without incident.

He goes on to theorize that despite receiving a lot of hate for “being an old man’s car” the C5 is “secretly one of the best bargain supercars out there.” He wants to acknowledge the point of his video is to not sell his viewers on the C5, but perhaps just to steer the naysayers away from the Corvette mid-life crisis stereotype.

As someone who is on their 9th C5, just about any interesting fifth-generation video will get my click, and while this one isn’t perfect (see if you can find the gaffs!), you can tell Mark put a lot of time into this video. Heck, there is even a throwback C5 commercial in the mix that I had never seen before (6:09), and a shout-out to the C5.R with some cool racing footage (8:28).

Mark aptly finishes off the video with Corvette guys revving their loud machines at a car show and antics like smoky burnouts and acceleration runs. Enjoy and join us for a vibrant discussion over on our Facebook page, I would love to see you there!  Douglas B.