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Hyperco’s Corvette Leaf Springs Prepare Your Car for Any Road

Hyperco Leaf Springs
Image for Hyperco

Offerings for C3 to C6 Corvettes

Hyperco offers quality aftermarket suspension components for a variety of Chrysler and GM vehicles. The company’s composite leaf springs allow you to get the desired ride out of your car. Hyperco recently received some attention on Corvette Online, and it has its unique composite leaf springs available for numerous generations of Corvettes. 

According to Hyperco, it’s leaf springs are up to 70 percent lighter than steel. The unique composite material should retain its shape better, too. A major benefit of parts made with composite materials is that they don’t rust or corrode. This leads the parts to last longer. The company says the leaf springs last five times longer than comparable steel products.

Because not everyone uses their car in the same way, Hyperco offers two different kinds of its composite leaf springs to Corvette customers. There’s the High Performance Street Series and the High Performance Track Series. Both series of composite suspension leaf springs offer Delrin pads, height adjusters, and plenty of tuning options.

The Street Series springs will work with C3, C4, and C5 Corvettes. The Track Series will work with the C5 and C6 Corvette. All told, Hyperco has products for Corvettes ranging from 1968 to 2007. Hyperco claims the Street Series will improve cornering and road feel. The Track Series should is more of a race-ready setup and more hardcore than you would necessarily want for a road car.

While the Corvette is a fantastic car even without adding aftermarket parts to it. If you’re in need of some new suspension components or want to upgrade to something more innovative or just different than stock, Hyperco’s leaf springs strike me as a good option for an upgrade. However, before you take my word for it, I’d suggest taking a closer look at the company’s website and doing your own additional research.