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Take A Look At This Track-Ready C6 Corvette

In a recent AutotopiaLA video, we get to have a closer look at a track-ready C6 Corvette that seamlessly merges power, precision, and racing heritage.

The strategy was to enhance rather than alter the car, supercharging the LS3 engine to an impressive 656 horsepower. Race-inspired suspension modifications included Penske double-adjustable shocks and carbon composite springs, reducing the car’s weight by around 300 pounds with an aluminum frame.

Safety additions featured a half cage, while the stock transmission demonstrated resilience to increased power. Braking capabilities were upgraded to ZR1 specifications, and meticulous aerodynamic adjustments were made for a well-balanced, track-focused machine, free from specific racing constraints.

Watch the video below to learn more about amazing story behind this track-ready C6 Corvette Z06.