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FOR SALE: 2004 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Retrovette

A Unique Car

RetroVette 2004 for sale

Built by Advanced Automotive Technologies

To help GM celebrate its 50th anniversary of the Corvette, Advanced Automotive Technologies built the Retrovette. The company built 200 of these cars, and this one is currently for sale at Hemmings

This particular car is one of only seven Z06 Corvettes that Advanced Automotive technologies built. The car blends the original 1953 C1 Corvette styling with the much more modern 2004 Corvette Z06’s styling for a unique look. Some folks will say its ugly, and others will say its beautiful. One thing is certain: it is unique.

The exterior of the car is painted white and has Commemorative Edition chrome wheels (17-inch up front and 18-inch in the rear). The wheels are wrapped in Goodyear F1 performance tires. The car has received a chrome grille, bumperettes, and an emblem that resembles the original from the first-gen Corvette.

Inside the car is as it would have been from the factory in 2004, with the exception of the red accent trim. This touch was to make the car look more like the original Corvette from the 1950s. There’s also red accent stitching to help drive home this classic look.

Under the hood is the 405 hp LS6 engine, but it’s not just that engine. The car also features a Pro Charger to boost power to 461 hp. This car is rare, unique, and desirable to the right collector.