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E-Ray News Recap: 1st Boosted E-Ray On Dyno, Twin-Turbo E-Ray Hits 9s, Flipping Updates

Check out videos of the first supercharged E-Ray on the dyno and the first twin-turbo E-Ray ripping off 9s; Have E-Ray flippers been successful?

Boost District's E-Ray runs in the 9s!

In just a few short months, GM’s first performance hybrid has over-delivered on many fronts. For starters, the end product over-delivered, as GM produced remarkable results on every promise it hyped–and then some. As you’ll see in our bonus content below, the revolutionary E-Ray is cranking off stock 0-60 times faster than GM’s advertised time. Additionally, initial stock dyno runs are also proving the E-Ray to be more powerful than GM claimed. The bonus content also highlights the first four E-Ray flip attempts. Were they flops?

Just as the dust was settling from these milestones, the platform GM engineers produced with the E-Ray is providing notable tuners the opportunity to squeeze even more power and speed from the new E-Ray. If you’ve been wondering how this hybrid all-wheel-drive platform would respond to aftermarket power adders, wonder no more, as we have reached two notable firsts.

1) The World’s First Supercharged E-Ray Hits The Dyno

Recently, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and Paragon Performance collaborated and created the first supercharged 2024 E-Ray. Lingenfelter mounted their low-profile Magnuson supercharger while Paragon Performance installed additional options, including a Fabspeed center-mounted exhaust and Eventuri cold air intake. The results were beyond impressive, with a dyno run that produced 734 whp and 792 lb-ft of torque.

Image courtesy of Lingenfelter Performance via Corvette Blogger

2) The First Twin-Turbo 2024 E-Ray Hits The Drag Strip and Runs In The 9s

CorvSport has featured Boost District before, and the boys over at this up-and-coming Texas tuner have turned up the wick again. The whole video is entertaining, but the bench-marking record-setting E-Ray run with this 1000-hp twin-turbo beast starts at 12:10. Check out this time and speed!

Congrats to Boost District for this remarkable run!

The full build details from Boost District’s Instagram.

3) Bonus E-Ray Content!

Early E-Ray Flipping Updates/All FLOPS to date:

E-Ray Over-Delivering Archives:

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