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Cringeworthy Moments: 1962 C1 And Others Fall To Their Demise

We've compiled videos that will turn even the strongest stomachs

Image courtesy of beach_pirate on tiktok

The latest video to go viral is painful to watch, and the “come on man, f**k!” from who we can assume is the owner sums it up well. One doesn’t even have to be a Corvette enthusiast for their stomach to turn with the nails on the chalkboard sound of splintering fiberglass and metal crashing.

Note: the original TikTok video with the owner’s remarks is down, but thankfully we had a Youtuber who grabbed the fall (but cuts off before the walk around).

So what went wrong? Well, you can see in the picture below that the transport driver put a wheel chock down. Yes, singular, just one wheel chock to stop a rolling 3000+ pound 1st generation Corvette. But we have to assume this transporter has done this procedure hundreds of times, so why do you think it went horribly wrong this time?

The video goes on to do a quick walkaround, and this is the damage assessment. The fiberglass in the rear trunk section and corner is ripped apart, the trunk was popped out of alignment, the driver’s door is out of alignment, a section of the front bumper is popped off, the hood is misaligned, and lastly no telling the frame damage that lurks underneath. Yikes.

At around 47 seconds you could hear more cussing and angst from the owner, and visible frustration from the transport driver. I will say, he looks genuinely upset that he just dumped this guy’s vintage Corvette.

Is this the worst of the damage?

Here are some other gut-wrenching incidents.

Summary: No engine left the front end too light!

Summary: Improper use of jack points.

Partitioned off like a crime scene!

Summary: Once again the heavy mid-engine location strikes again. GM did go to some lengths to train technicians on how to properly lift the new C8, but obviously, some did not pay attention. It’s amazing how much “just” a 6-foot fall can destroy these C8s.

Which video do you think is the most cringeworthy? We often have vibrant discussions on our Facebook page, I would love to hear from you!  Douglas B.