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Corvette Engineer Josh Holder Gives a Look Under the C8 Corvette

Check Out the Underbody

Corvette Engineer

Seeing Underneath

We’ve all see numerous pictures of the C8 Corvette at this point, but few of us have seen underneath the car. Roadshow recently posted a video of Josh Holder, Corvette Program Engineer Manager, taking a detailed look under the car. He had it up on a lift and after going over some of the finer points of the C8’s exterior takes you on a tour under the vehicle.

We were impressed with how seamless and flat the bottom of the car is. Chevrolet took great pains to make the underbody of the car as smooth as possible for aerodynamics. Holder goes through the different features and the reasons behind the decisions. They all seem to make sense. We especially liked that the underbody panels were designed so that you can do an oil change without removing any panels. So, not only did Chevrolet think about performance, but it also thought about ease of servicing the C8 Corvette.

While the video is relatively short, Holder manages to cover quite a bit of ground. He also says “this installment” leading us to believe that there could be more of these videos going into greater detail. Until then, we suggest you check out the video below.