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Chevy Breaks Down Its Teaser Video in a New Video

teaser video explained

Here’s all of the Good Stuff

Chevrolet recently posted a C8 Corvette teaser video that we reported on. Now the company has a new video that takes a closer look at each element of that video. It’s another teaser. It’s a teaser of a teaser. Anyway, it’s pretty cool, so we thought it worth sharing and taking a closer look at. 

The video starts with a camouflaged C8 Corvette doing some track driving. Then it jumps to an animation of how the Corvette script has changed. Next up is a shot of Zora Arkus-Duntov and a clip of his voice. Then it jumps to the 1964 midengine prototype, the XP 817. Then on to the 1976 XP 882 Aerovette. After that, the video moves to the current C7.R Corvette’s first and second finish in 2016 at Daytona.

From there, you get a shot of Duntov driving a midengine Corvette Experimental Research Vehicle (CER). After that, you get a beautiful shot of the C1 Corvette doing some sliding around on a dirt road. Then it’s a view of the 1963 midengine CERV II. Chevy then moves on to the 1959 Corvette Stingray Racers. Next up is the 1986 midengine Indy Corvette. Then the video jumps to the 1959 SS Race Car with Dontov behind the wheel. After that, it’s the 1990 midengine CERV III. Then, at last, it ends with a flash of the new car and the date of the official reveal. 

It’s a smart way for Chevy to reuse the video. It’s also helpful because the video had a ton of references and it’s hard to pull them out of the short 30-second spot. Chevy essentially killed two birds with one stone, and we’re not made about that. You can watch the whole video below.