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Chevrolet Issues Recall for the Frunk Opening Randomly on the C8 Corvette

This should fix the issue

Corvette C8 media release

No More Flying Frunks, Hopefully

There have been multiple reports of the frunk of the C8 Corvette opening while the vehicle is traveling down the road. Not only can this cause damage to the car, but it can also be a huge safety issue, with the frunk lid blocking the driver’s view of the road. Chevrolet has now issued a recall to fix this problem.

Previously, Chevrolet issued a recall pertaining to the internal frunk release. This new recall is specifically about the frunk opening unexpectedly.

In the official statement from the company, it says that Chevy decided to “voluntarily recall certain 2020 model-year Chevrolet Corvette vehicles for a potential issue with the vehicle’s front trunk lid.” The release goes on to say the following:

“If drivers ignore the vehicle’s visual and audible warnings that the front trunk lid is open, they can drive the vehicle in that condition at speed, which could increase the likelihood that the wind force is sufficient to inadvertently flip open the hood. GM is finalizing a software repair for the vehicles’ Body Control Module (BCM) to limit vehicle speed to 26 mph when the hood is not completely closed and latched.”

As Corvette Blogger notes, this could be an indication that warning lights and auditory indicators should be louder or that they take precedence over the radio. It would appear that currently, drivers can drown out the indicators too easily. 

With that said, it’s good to see Chevrolet taking the issue with the frunk seriously. This should help with the issues the car has, and it’s good to see that it can be fixed with a simple software update.