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NHTSA Has Complaints of the Corvette C8’s Frunk Opening While Driving

Not Good News for Chevrolet

C8 Corvette frunk

That’d be Scary

We want to see the Corvette C8 do awesome here at CorvSport, but the simple fact of the matter is that not everything goes Chevrolet’s way. We recently came across reports and a video of the C8 Corvette’s frunk opening while driving. According to Corvette Blogger, it has happened a few times, enough for the NHTSA to have listed complaints from owners about the issue.

This is more than just an isolated incident. If you go to the various forums for C8 Corvettes and Corvettes in general, you’ll find there are multiple reports of the frunk opening while driving. This issue is exacerbated by the fact that there are even videos of this happening. 

This should be an easy fix for Chevrolet to make, but it needs to take care of it quickly. This is a huge potential safety hazard for the car. When the frunk lid fips up while driving it blocks the driver’s view of the road and could contribute to an accident. If other rear and mid-engine cars can get this feature right, then Chevrolet should be able to, too. 

The fix is likely with the latching mechanism. Chevrolet needs to do something to ensure there is no way for the frunk lid to flip up. We would have expected this to be a chief concern for Chevy during development, but it appears there’s some malfunction with the current latching system. Hopefully, it can be remedied easily.