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2005 – 2013 Callaway C17 Corvette (C6)

2005 – 2013 Callaway C17 Corvette

The 2005-2013 Callaway Corvette was a specialist version of the C6 Corvette, built by Callaway Cars expert craftsmen and sold through selected Callaway/Chevrolet dealers. The 17th “C-Project” undertaken by Callaway first produced naturally-aspirated SuperNatural™ 450, 461, 490 (6.0L) and 550 (6.8L & 7.0L) horsepower Callaway Corvettes.

In February 2006, Callaway returned to its positive manifold pressure roots, introducing Callaway “SuperCharged” Corvettes. Moving from the turbocharged C4 design to the Roots-style supercharger for 2006, the new design offered improved durability, easier maintenance, emission compliance, and instant off-idle power. Debuting with 560 horsepower from 6.0 liters, over the years increased displacement and improved components produced 580, 606, and 616 horsepower. The Z06-based 7.0 liter Callaway SuperCharged Corvette generated 652 horsepower.

Offered through select Chevrolet dealers around the United States and Canada:

  • 2006–2007 Callaway Corvettes were offered in SC560 and SC616 (horsepower) levels.
  • 2008–2013 Callaway Corvettes were/are offered as SC580, SC606, and SC652 (horsepower) levels.

A special model was offered in 2009, called the Reeves Callaway Signature Edition (RCSE). Featuring 606 hp (452 kW), the RCSE debuted the SC606 package and the RCSE interior group. Only 29 of the RCSE models were planned for build and were only offered in Cyber Gray, Crystal Red, and Blade Silver. All wore Callaway nine-spoke aluminum wheels and introduced the new Carbon Fiber hood from Callaway.

In 2012, Callaway was reissued RPO B2K by Chevrolet Division to identify a very limited run of 25 Corvette Grand Sport Corvettes, both coupes and convertibles, automatics and manuals. 26 cars were built, including #00, the pilot car. Each car was numbered, #00 – #25. Each had identical equipment, including special wheels, interior components, and a higher horsepower engine, developing 620 bhp. When tested by Motorweek TV, it was proclaimed as the quickest vehicle they have ever tested, running the 1/4 mi in 10.8 seconds at 128 mph.