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C8 Owner Blames Wife’s “Jeep Phase” On Excursion That’s Stirring Up Social Media

Can you guess how many folks got fooled by this AI render? At first glance, were you? Check out some of the funniest remarks!

While there are Corvettes out there that are actually customized for off-roading (see one feature here), no sane C8 owner would attempt to take their Corvette mudding. But, what about if a Jeep-crazed wife got ahold of the keys and wanted to have some fun? Well, that’s exactly what this popular C8 Facebook page member suggested.

The post that started it all!

As of publication, in just 24 hours there have been 166 “answers,” with 380 total reactions. So, just how many folks have been fooled so far?

144 out of 380 (30%!) got fooled and offered a wow, sad, or angry emoji. That itself is worthy of a LOL.

Best Fooled Posts

The husband even tries to keep the joke going!

But the majority of the posts fell into this sentiment

The troll post led to others sharing some cool off-road AI images

This isn’t the first time AI has fooled the internet, and the most classic recent example is highlighted in this CorvSport feature titled, “Are Corvette Owners Old?” where an artificial rendering of old Corvette enthusiasts hanging out at a car show made similar waves on social media. Well, were you fooled at all? We have the fastest-growing Corvette community on our Facebook page, with over 171,000 followers (52,000 since January 2023!). Come join other hardcore enthusiasts and say hello, Douglas B.

This one is REAL!

Understandable why Street irritates Corvette Enthusiasts
Understandable why Street irritates Corvette Enthusiasts

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