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C8 Corvette Screw Gouges Door, Could Be a Design Flaw

Possibly the Wrong Screw in the Wrong Place

This Doesn’t Look Good

The C8 Corvette is now being delivered to customers, and now we’re really starting to getting a look at the car. One owner isn’t that happy with his C8 Corvette that he recently took delivery of. According to Tire Meets Road, a Corvette owner took delivery of his car only to find that there was a screw that gouged the paint when the door was opened and closed. 

The screw that gouges the paint comes from the wheel well near the front fender of the door. Apparently, one of the screws holding in the inner liner for the wheel well stuck out far enough to not just scratch the paint but gouge it down to the metal.

The owner said that he didn’t notice the paint chip until after the first oil change. Before that first oil change, the Corvette is still just settling into itself, so there’s a chance that the paint wasn’t chipped until after several miles and plenty of opening and closing the door.

According to Tire Meets Road, this guy isn’t the only person who has experienced this issue. While the close-up shots look like there may have been the wrong length screw used in that particular spot, it’s unclear what the real issue is. This could be an early batch issue. While it is a minor issue with the car, it’s still pretty important, and we’re sure GM is looking into this issue.