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C8 Corvette LT2 V8 Engine Seized, GM Sends It to Detroit for Inspection

Getting to the bottom of this

C8 Corvette engine seized

Not a Good Look for the LT2 V8

Yep, Jake Spiczka of MidwestRide had his C8 Corvette’s engine seized up while a few of his other YouTuber friends, including Tall Guy Reviews, MR. ORGANIK, and Officer Jones, were driving Spczka’s black 2020 Corvette Stingray and shooting content for their channels.

Apparently, according to Corvette Blogger, General Motors heard about this incident and decided it wanted to have the engine shipped to Detroit so that the company could find out exactly what went wrong. 

According to videos and reports, the car was not used for anything that it wasn’t designed for. Spiczka got the car with five miles on it and it had 1,800 miles on it when the engine suddenly seized up. The YouTubers were driving the car when there was a sudden loss of power and the oil pressure went down to zero.

Now, you might think the car was being mistreated and that’s why it did what it did. However, according to the black box information, it was not being bounced off its rev limiter and there were no indications of a condition that would cause the engine to seize. GM stepped in and said it wanted to figure out what caused the engine to lock up.

It’s unclear at this time what caused the engine to seize up. There may be the need for an earlier service at the 500-mile mark to ensure everything is good with the engine and that everything stays good. There’s no doubt that the car was likely being driven a bit hard, but that’s also what it’s designed for, and it should not seize up like this. Hopefully, GM can determine what the issue was and if it can be prevented in the future.