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Another C8 Corvette Spotting

C8 Corvette spied
Image from Pasteiner's Auto Zone Instagram

Chevy’s Getting Plenty of Mid-Engine Corvette Testing In

There have been some exciting leaks and sightings of the C8 Corvette recently. Now, we bring you another one.  A C8 Corvette was spotted by the guys at Pasteiner’s Auto Zone of Birmingham, Michigan. This particular sighting wasn’t the most revealing of all time, but it shows Chevy is continuing testing of its mid-engine Corvette.  While these shots don’t provide much in the way of new information, they do hint at locations on the body of the new C8 Corvette that are important or feature new design elements.

The body wrap used to camoflauge the car varies in brightness/shades of grey on different areas of the car.  We suspect that the engineers at Chevrolet use the darker areas to further obscure details that they’d like to “keep under wraps” (no pun intended.)

Will More Photos Surface?

The Instagram post where the photos originated stated the car was spotted driving on/near I-75 and University Drive during rush hour traffic.  Because of the time of day and the typical amount of traffic in that area during rush hour, it is very likely that other drivers got a good look at the car (as well as additional photographs which might surface in the days ahead!)

Who knows how long Chevrolet will make us wait before they officially reveals their new mid-engine sports car.  Rumors of electrical issues recently circulated on the internet, prompting Chevy to abandon its alleged North American International Auto Show reveal in Detroit.

Until Chevrolet officially reveals the car (hopefully later this year?), we’ll continue to publish any spy shots, leaks, or information as it becomes available.