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2020 Callaway Corvette C7 Z06 Champion

2020 Callaway Corvette C7 Z06 Champion Edition

Taking inspiration from GT3 racing cars, the Champion is a road-going car built by hand in Connecticut and California. Available to order at authorized dealers in North America, Berlin, and Tokyo, the Z06-based corner carver is treated to a high-performance suspension package, nine-spoke wheels, a humongous rear wing complemented by a spoiler, and a pair of D-shaped center exhaust finishers.

Designed to celebrate 25 years of competition and the Leingarten Germany team that raced in all forms of GT racing for a quarter of a century, the Callaway Champion further differs from the bone-stock specification of the Z06 with a harness bar, heavy-duty cooling, and a short-throw shifter with a study, high-quality billet base.

The pumped-up ‘Vette also reads SC757 on the valve covers and Callaway on the engine’s plastic cover, and you may have already guessed what implications those two have. The small-block V8 has been uprated from 650 to 757 horsepower while torque is rated at 777 pound-feet, translating to 1,053 Nm in European currency.

Covered by a three-year or 60,000-mile powertrain warranty, the SC757 performance upgrade consists of a gen-three supercharger with a triple-cooled intercooler, a high-flow intake system, and a less restrictive exhaust system. In perfect conditions, the Z06 with this package is much obliged to hit 60 mph in 2.8 seconds and cover the quarter-mile in 10.5 seconds at 131 mph (211 kph).

Callaway hasn’t mentioned pricing information for the Champion, nor did the American company provide high-resolution photos of their newest tuning program. It may be a sexy-looking sports car with over-the-top figures, but the C7 is living in the shadow of the C8 because of the front-engined platform’s limitations.

Having mentioned the mid-engine newcomer, Callaway is currently finalizing the first upgrades for the C8. Lightweight forged wheels from O.Z. and the Double D exhaust mentioned earlier are in the pipeline, and given time, the company has also promised to treat us to a body kit and engine mods for the LT2 small-block V8.