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1964 Corvette for Knudsen’s Wife

Designed For & Owned by Florence Knudsen

1964 Chevrolet Corvette for Knudsen’s Wife

It was not always just the GM execs who were given factory-customized rides; witness Marian Mitchell’s show-stopping 1967 big block convertible. Close on the heels of Bunkie Knudsen’s Rose Pearl factory special (also available as Lot S70) is this stunning Pink Pearl 1964 coupe gifted to Knudsen’s wife Florence, who drove the car in the comfort of its customized matching Pink leather interior, harnessing its 396 CI engine under a bulging 1965-style hood in what may well have been the first big block Vette produced. A great touch: the finned aluminum knock-off wheels sporting “Pinkwall” tires. This is another example of what the GM Design Center was capable of creating. Florence Knudsen’s Corvette Sting Ray was just dripping with special features and some interesting preproduction features.


  • Owned by Florence Knudsen, wife of “Bunkie” Knudsen
  • Custom Pink Pearl paint
  • Custom pink leather interior
  • This 1964 coupe incorporated many 1965 features
  • 1965 style hood
  • 396 CI engine, possibly the first big block Corvette produced
  • Cast aluminum knock-off’s with “pink wall” tires

Factory Production Options

* AM/FM radio with power antenna.
* Air conditioning.
* Telescope steering column and teak wood steering wheel.* Cast-aluminum knock-off wheels.
* Power windows.
* Power steering and power brakes.
* Tinted glass.

Preproduction Parts

* A preproduction L36 396 big-block with hydraulic lifters and 390-HP.
* Preproduction front springs to compensate for the extra weight of the big-block engine.
* 1965 front fender vents and side rocker panels.
* Powerglide automatic transmission (possibly the first one ever bolted to the then-new big-block engine). This was not available until 1966.
* 1965/1966 style big-block hood.
* Preproduction 4-wheel disc brakes and dual master cylinder. This was not available until 1965.
* 5,500-RPM tachometer.
* “396 Turbo” front fender badges and air filter decal.

Customized and Fabricated Features

* Pearl Pink exterior paint to match the door of the Kundsen’s Florida home.
* Six taillights.
* Pink & Cranberry colored leather interior and door panels.
* Pink dash instrument cluster plate and glove box door.
* Modified front crossmember for the big-block.
* Special fabricated radiator.
* Handmade fiberglass radiator shroud.
* Pink sidewall tires.
* Engraved “FMK” on the seat belt buckles to replace the Chevy Bow Tie.
* Modified right inner front fender.

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