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1955 Chevrolet Corvette Video Gallery

1955 Chevrolet Corvette Front

Take a Look at One of America’s First Sports Cars: 1955 Corvette

Our team has scoured the web to find some great videos of the 1955 Chevrolet Corvette. The 1955 Corvette is America’s third model year of the first generation of the Corvette and it was the beginning of a cult following. For more information on the 1955 Corvette, check out the 1955 Corvette guide.

Check out this Review of Chevrolet’s new ’55 V8 Corvette

Check out this 1955 Corvette overview by MucsleCarOfTheWeek.

Watch the full video on YouTube.

Go for a Ride in 1955 Corvette Restomod!

Check out this ground-up restoration with a touch of modern pleasantry. When we say a “touch of modern” – we mean a 436 horsepower LS3 powered C1 Corvette.

Watch the full video on YouTube.

Check this Overview of an Enthusiast Owned ’55 Corvette

Have a look at this gorgeous copper Corvette and listen to it purr!

Watch the full video on YouTube.

100% Original 1955 Corvette Finished in Harvest Gold

Some seat time in a ’55 Corvette is enough nostalgia to put you back to the 1950s. Check out this walkaround, start-up, and drive of the 1955 Corvette.

Watch the full video on YouTube.

This ’55 Corvette was Parked for 42 Years!

With the help of Bob’s family, he was able to pull the car out and into the world for its resurrection. This was certainly a family ordeal!

Watch the full video on YouTube.