1955 C1 Corvette
1953 Corvette
1955 C1 Corvette Back
1955 C1 Corvette Engine
1955 C1 Corvette
1954 Corvette in Red
"Kiss Me Deadly" from 1955 was the first film to feature a Corvette. Hard to imagine that this iconic car was brand new (and a relative unknown) back then!
1955 C1 Corvette
1953 C1 Corvette Engine

1955 C1 Chevrolet Corvette: Image Gallery & Pictures

1955 C1 Corvette Corvette Pictures & Images

Check out these great 1955 Corvette images. The original Corvette still looks stunning all these years later with its unique and very original design from a period where most cars were boring. Unfortunately we were only able to find a few dozen 1955 Corvette pictures. It is hard to find new photos of the 1955 Corvette because there are not many left around.

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  1. For me I really liked the twin or double head-lights on each side.
    I love the early years of the corvette the must.1955-1960 are the years
    I liked the most over all. The lines, the HP at that time. In the early
    Sting Ray model another 1961-62. the HP of the 327. This new Vett 2020 WOW.
    I can’t wait to see your next level step up to a Electric Vett to rival Tesla!
    With this new Mid-Eng 2020 model great job guys, good word.
    How about a new concept Vett, for space traveling Corvette? Get your heads around
    that kind of possibility, Think big, dream big, achieve big ! Right.

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