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Will Other Automakers Make a Front-Engine, Rear-Drive, C7-Like Sports Car?

There's a C7 size hole in the market.

The 2009 Corvette ZR1
The 2009 Corvette ZR1

The Death of the Front Engine Corvette Could Open Some Doors

With the C8 Corvette came the demise of the front-engine, rear-drive American supercar. There was nothing else out there like the C7 Corvette. Dodge had already killed off the Viper. Sure, Ford has the Mustang and Chevy has the Camaro, but those muscle cars don’t really fill the hole that the front-engine Vettes did. Is there an opportunity from another automaker to fill that void? We think so. 

We aren’t the only ones. Alex Sommers has an article ruminating on the subject over at Corvette Blogger. Sommers points to several possibilities, including possible options from Cadillac, Dodge, Ford, Jaguar, and even Porsche. Some of his possibilities seem more plausible than others.

We’d like to see GM put out another version of the Corvette with a front-engine layout. Something like a front-engine Corvette that is more of a budget option. It could also be cool to see the XLR name resurrected for Cadillac. If GM does this, though they need to truly make the car impressive. It should be exceptionally luxurious, powerful, and just very special overall.

We’re not sure who will fill the hole left by the C7 just yet, but we think there’s some room in the market for a new car to exist. We’d like to see it be a GM vehicle, but Ford or Dodge might have a better angle to take at this point.