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What’s Up With This Bull-Shift?

I'm still mourning the loss of the manual, are you?

There is just something about the visceral connection engaging that clutch and ripping off shifts creates between machine and enthusiast. Just the other day I was explaining to my girlfriend how the C6 Z06 was the last glorious Corvette offered only with a manual, with the C5’s Fixed Roof Coupe as a manual-only model for just two years, 1999 and 2000.  I wasn’t mansplaining, I promise!  Then GM managed to squeeze that marvelous C5 Z06 in between for some serious years of rowing gears.

So as she and I were talking, reminiscing about a family member’s C6 Z06’s place in history as the last manual-only Z06, and losing the manual altogether in the C8, I’ll admit I not only got a bit choked up but started to feel another awkward emotion rising from within, and said “honey, that’s bullsh*t!”.

Well, I quickly jotted down some notes so I wouldn’t forget this piece, and she blurted out: “What’s up with this bull–shift?” So while I would like to take credit for that catchy play on words, all credit goes to my better half!  I’m not sure if some seed was planted subconsciously, as I’ve been kicking tires for years on what next great Corvette would grab me, but ironically I am flying tomorrow to pick up this pristine 2000 FRC with just 33,000 miles (I’ll post up better pictures when I get them).

So as the C8 rolls out into its fourth production year, with exciting new products like the E-Ray, and NO manual-shift model in the works, are you as sad as I am?  Please join us with a vibrant discussion on our Facebook page, or in the comments below, as I would love the hear from you!  Douglas B.

She's coming home with me tomorrow
She’s coming home with me tomorrow