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Watch This Rotary-Powered 800HP C6 Corvette Drift Car Show Off On The Track

This unique Corvette drift car takes an unconventional approach by swapping out its pistons for a boosted rotary engine, as showcased in the featured video presented by the Fast Car YouTube channel.

Beneath the C6 Corvette’s hood lies a potent Mazda 20B rotary engine. This turbocharged triple rotor powerhouse boasts an impressive 800 horsepower on low boost, with the potential to reach 1,000 horsepower with a slight increase in pressure. Crafted by the New Zealand-based PPRE shop, the 20B engine is force-fed by a Garrett G42-1450 turbocharger and operates on a mixture of Sunoco E85 ethanol race fuel and two-stroke oil, ensuring the rotary seals remain intact.

In the video, we witness this Carbon Kevlar-clad C6 Corvette effortlessly navigating tight turns and performing donuts before Axel Hillebrand gives us a deep dive into how the car was built.