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Watch the 2020 C8 Corvette Take on the Nürburgring

C8 Corvette Nurburgring
Image from Carspotter Jeroen

12 Minutes of Pure Bliss

Recently, we reported on the fact that the C8 Corvette was spotted at the Nürburgring testing. There were several different C8s in attendance, and the YouTube channel Carspotter Jeroen managed to snag a bunch of footage of the cars doing their thing on the racetrack. 

This footage does manage to answer a few questions about the C8’s being there. First off, the cars do not appear to be trying to set lap times. The track was far too busy to really put down a fast lap time. There are several different moments where the cars have to break to slow down for other cars.

Secondly, the person who shot the video said that there were four different cars, answering the question about how many were there. Third, the person who shot the video also said that the cars took time in between runs around the track. The speculation is that they either had to stop to cool down or make adjustments.

Finally, we have to say that the C8 Corvette looks absolutely amazing on the track. It appears to be nimble and quick when it needs to be, and just darned fast anytime else. This is exactly what we expected, but it’s nice to see it in action.