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The State of the Corvette Market in 2024

Various Corvette models parked inside a showroom
Credit: Corvette Forum

The state of the Corvette car market is looking strong for 2024, especially with the introduction of new models. The 2024 Chevrolet Corvette continues to be available in several variants, including the base Stingray and the high-performance Z06, as well as the new E-Ray, which features a hybrid powertrain. The base price for the Stingray model starts under $70,000, while the more advanced Z06 and E-Ray models command prices well into six figures due to their enhanced performance features​.

Front 3/4 view of 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray 3LZ coupe in Riptide Blue, driving over a bridge in front of a city. Pre-production model shown. Actual production model may vary. Model year 2024 Corvette E-Ray available 2023.

Credit: Ford

The introduction of the E-Ray model marks a significant development in the Corvette lineup, featuring all-wheel drive enabled by an electric motor that provides additional power to the front wheels and despite the chagrin of old-school Corvette enthusiasts, the advent of this model emphasizes Chevrolet’s commitment and innovation in blending performance with newer hybrid technologies​, something that many other manufacturers are following in the footsteps of.

Market trends indicate a slight increase in average prices for new Corvettes, reflecting ongoing demand and the introduction of high-tech features across the lineup. Moreover, the market for classic Corvettes remains strong, with notable increases in values for older models, highlighting a robust collector interest​.

New Might Be The Way To Go

We all know that a car will depreciate the moment you drive it off the lot. We also know that dealers will add ridiculous markups to their MSRP.

While prices climbed during COVID alongside inflationary concerns, things have cooled down a bit in the past several months. In particular, prospective buyers may want to examine the new car market most closely, as a recent study by iSeeCars indicates that the Corvette is one of the top 20 cars to buy new, as used offerings do not present substantial discounts. Less than 9% savings compared to a new vehicle, to be exact.

Credit: iSeeCars

“Buyers seeking used car value should avoid these cars, which offer less than a 10 percent savings compared to a brand new model,” said Brauer. “At these prices, shoppers are better off simply buying a new model and getting the full new-car experience at a slightly higher cost.”  

Consider Getting It Shipped

Looking online, it’s clear that many dealers continue to impose markups on C8 Corvettes displayed in showrooms. However, casting a broader net might lead you to find in-stock vehicles being offered at their MSRP (or less, if you’re lucky).

Another option is to seal the deal on a Corvette and have it shipped to your location. This process is relatively common, especially when purchasing vehicles that are not readily available locally or when buying from a distant dealership or private seller.

  1. Purchase the Vehicle: You can buy a Corvette from a dealership, a private seller, or through online platforms that list used and new cars for sale.
  2. Choose a Shipping Method: Depending on your location and the car’s location, you can choose between open or enclosed transport. Enclosed transport is generally recommended for high-value vehicles like Corvettes to protect them from the elements and potential road debris during transit.
  3. Select a Reliable Transport Company: It’s crucial to choose a reputable vehicle shipping company that has experience in transporting high-end vehicles. Ensure they offer insurance coverage that protects your Corvette during shipment. Look around and you can find a door to door car transport company to handle the entire process for you.
  4. Prepare Your Corvette for Shipping: As discussed earlier, you should clean the car, document its condition with photos, secure loose items, and potentially disconnect the battery or alarm system.
  5. Shipping and Delivery: After preparing your Corvette, the shipping company will load it onto their transport vehicle, and it will be delivered to the specified location. Ensure you inspect the car upon arrival to confirm it is in the same condition as when it was loaded.

Purchasing and shipping a car like a Corvette involves some careful planning and consideration, especially around the logistics and safety of transport, but it’s a manageable process with the right preparations and service providers.

Looking Further Into 2024

Corvettes parked outside a dealership lot

Credit: Criswell Corvette

As we look toward the future of the Corvette market, several trends and innovations are set to shape its trajectory through the latter half of the 2024. The introduction of the Corvette E-Ray, Chevrolet’s first hybrid model in the lineup, marks a significant shift towards integrating more sustainable and advanced technologies. This move not only aligns with global automotive trends towards electrification but also caters to a growing segment of consumers interested in performance cars that are both powerful and environmentally conscious.

C8 corvette on dyno

Credit: Paragon Performance

The Corvette E-Ray, with its dual-source power combining a traditional combustion engine and electric motors, could set a precedent for future models. As regulations on emissions become stricter and consumer preferences shift further towards sustainability, we might see a fully electric Corvette model sooner than anticipated (yeah, we know they’ve been teasing this for a while now).

Economic factors like interest rates and the overall health of the economy will keep playing a big role in how well Corvettes sell. When times are good, people feel more comfortable splurging on a fancy ride. But if the economy hits a rough patch, those high-end sports car sales might stall.

For those keeping an eye on which models to collect, the early E-Rays or any special editions that roll out this year could be worth watching. These cars often become more desirable to collectors as they mark significant shifts in car history.

So, for anyone thinking about grabbing a new Corvette or just loves watching the market, keep your eyes peeled. There’s a lot changing, and staying informed will help you make the best choices, whether you’re adding to your garage or just dreaming about it.