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The Corvette Caravan “Comes Home”

Corvette Caravan

The National Corvette Caravan Is Expected To Be One of the Biggest Corvette Homecomings Ever!

On Wednesday, August 28th, Corvettes and their owners will begin arriving in Bowling Green by the thousands.  The reason? The National Corvette Museum is celebrating its 25th Anniversary!

To commemorate this impressive milestone, the NCM is hosting the 2019 National Corvette CaravanCorvettes from all over the Continental United States, parts of Canada and even Hawaii will converge on the city of Bowling Green, Kentucky to participate in a four-day celebration at the Museum.   This Homecoming, which is often referred to as the “world’s largest moving automotive event,” is really a national celebration of America’s Sports Car as well as the Museum itself.

The Corvette Caravan is only hosted once every five years, due in large part to the complexity of coordinating an event that sees Corvettes travelling across the nation from all 50 states as well as Western, Central and Eastern Canada (including Ontario.)  This weekend’s event marks the 6th National Corvette Caravan.

National Corvette Caravan.  Image courtesy of Jamie Dever.

Starting tomorrow and continuing thru Thursday night, I will be at the 2019 Corvette Caravan celebrating with nearly 10,000 other Corvette owners in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  This trip will mark my first “Corvette Caravan” to the Museum.  While I don’t know exactly what to expect, I’m very excited to get underway.

While many caravans have been travelling for days (or even weeks in a few instances), our group – the Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee Caravan – will actually assemble for the first time tomorrow morning.  Our caravan, led by team captain Roy L. Carman, is expected to depart Murfreesboro, Tennessee around 10:00am tomorrow morning, making several stops along the way, before arriving at the NCM Motorsports Park at approximately 2:15pm.

The North Central Caravan. Image courtesy of Brendan R. Appel.

I mention these details for anyone who might be hoping to spot one of these massive rolling caravans on the Interstate tomorrow morning/afternoon.  While your best chance of spotting hundreds (or even thousands) of Corvettes would be to sitting up in Bowling Green, I can tell you that the I-65 corridor out of Nashville will see a lot of Corvette traffic throughout the day tomorrow as well.

For any of you that are fans/followers of, and especially those of you who will be in attendance tomorrow at the event, it is my sincere hope that we’ll have a chance to meet and talk face-to-face.  Of course, with nearly 10,000 Corvettes on-hand for the weekend festivities, I also recognize that it may be difficult to connect. 

If you’d like to try and connect with me tomorrow, please reach out to me via email at [email protected].  I will be checking email periodically, and I’ll do my best to connect with as many of you as I can.

Safe travels all…and we’ll see you in Bowling Green!!!