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(Still) FOR SALE: Why Is This 30 Mile 1990 ZR-1 Still On The Market?

Is the answer really that obvious?

The former King of the Hill ZR-1

This beautiful 1990 ZR-1, listed on the duPont Registry and offered by Fusion Motor Company, popped up on my Facebook feed the other day. With just 30 clicks over the last 33 years, it definitely grabbed my attention, so naturally I clicked to see more details. At first glance, given how bizarre this Covid Era Corvette market has been, the price tag of $119,950 seemed fairly reasonable.

I mean, it’s literally still in the wrapper, and adjusted for inflation the MSRP of $60,660 equates to a price of $140,795 in today’s dollars. Compared to the markups that bring the newly crowned “King of the Hill” C8 Z06 to over $200,000, that $119,950 price is almost a bargain, no?

She’s a beauty.

Possibly the most beautiful engine in the history of engines.

So, just how long has she been for sale?

The ad was posted on the duPont Registry over 6 months ago.

Why is it not selling?

Sure, the easy answer that most resort to (especially on the Facebook pages and forums) is price price price. Just lower the price and it will sell. But, it is really that easy? If one was interested, call up the dealer and offer what you are willing to pay. It only has 30 miles! How far off the market can the seller possibly be?

As they say in the real estate business, what are the “comps”?

Well, here is one low-mileage 1990 ZR-1 that our own Scott Kolecki profiled early last year, which ended up selling on Bring a Trailer.

Yikes, that sounds really cheap, or is it spot on, and the 30-mile one is just grossly overpriced? Or, is it apples to oranges because the $45,000 one has been driven and isn’t “in the wrapper”? As a former dealer who has had to deal with aged inventory, these are just a few of the morale-defeating questions that would race through a seller’s mind.

These are the top three 1990 C4 ZR-1 2023 sales from Bring a Trailer.

On this one, I think the verdict is in.

The current Corvette market is just not able or willing to support a $120,000 price tag for a C4, even if it is the original King of the Hill. We have an active community on our Facebook page, I would love to hear your opinions about this ZR-1 and the market in general.  Douglas B.