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Spotted: The Batman Drives A Corvette C2

We only see it for a grand total of two seconds, but you can't mistake that hood and shape!

1963 corvette stingray

Far be it from us to act as the promotion arm of any major Hollywood studio, but when the new trailer for the upcoming The Batman movie dropped yesterday, something leaped off the screen at us. First of all, if you’re into action or comic book movies, give the trailer a watch:

At just about 15 seconds into the trailer, Bruce Wayne, portrayed by Robert Pattinson, steps out of a sleek black sports car. If you look a little closer, however…

Corvette C2 spotted in The Batman trailer!
A 1963 Corvette C2 Coupe in beautiful black paint on black leather

We all know that louvered hood, it was part and parcel of Corvette DNA throughout the 1960s! Peering through the windshield, you can even pick out the year for the car as well, as it has the split window from the 1963 Corvette C2 coupe model.

While it’s not the insane off-roading muscle car that the batmobile from The Batman is, it does show that the world’s most famous detective with a few billion in the bank, who literally could buy any car he wanted, chose to stick with some blue-blooded, 100% authentic American steel.

The Batmobile from The Batman (2022)
Bruce Wayne’s OTHER car, the Batmobile, which looks like a hopped up Camaro or some such

Of course, the car is also a reflection of Bruce there, with his dour expression, tailored suit, and overcoat hiding the vigilante underneath, so being sleek and sporty but dressed in a dangerous, menacing black makes the car jump out just that little bit more.

We just wouldn’t want to park it on the street in Gotham, especially when the street racing scene apparently includes vehicular combat, knocking tractor-trailers over, and sending cars airborne in the most spectacular of fashions…

That’ll buff out, yep…

Mostly because it would be a real pain to buff out the scratches!

Also, with the tone of The Batman being, for those out there that are as much of a comic book geek as I am, from Batman: Year One, it’s kind of a good idea to not scratch Bruce Wayne’s cars… any of them…

Don't. Scatch. The. Paint!
“Is that a scratch on the fender?!?? IS THAT A SCRATCH ON THE FENDER OF MY CORVETTE?!?!?!?” – Batman, probably, when he sees you’ve scratched his Corvette C2