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Someone Has Already Driven A C8 Across America [VIDEO, Part 2/2]

The mad dash home...

Following from yesterday’s news post about the epic road trip that TJ Hunt began in his 2020 Corvette C8 LT3 Z51, the road trip picks up in the early morning in the sleepy town of Dallas, Texas…

TJ starts off with a healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and a pang in his heart about missing his old Nissan GT-R.

The plan is to drive for 13 hours across Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, with the day ending in Tuscon.

As he drives, he has discovered a feature of the C8 is that the dash surround has a pretty flat base, and you can stand your phone up on it. However, we here at definitely recommend you DO NOT drive distracted.

Bored with the monotony of the Texas landscape of flat, flat, oh look a farm, flat, a decision is made.

A long flat road? Check. Corvette C8 LT3 Z51? Check. Right foot to the floor? Check and check.

While speed cannot be inferred, the fact that TJ’s passenger is able to hold a small GoPro steady during the pull, even across US highways, speaks volumes to the C8’s road comfort and stability.

Another feature that he discovers is that the back of the C8 definitely has a vortex, as salt from Pennsylvania, dirt from Kentucky, and generally road grime covers the back of the car. They even passed through a rain shower and the rest of the car was clean, but the back stayed dirty.

He loves his car so much that the plan to stay overnight in Tuscon, Arizona is scrapped, and the pair “send it,” in TJ’s words, to California.

They get lost almost immediately however, and decide the best way to celebrate being lost is… to do donuts. This causes the car to think it’s spinning out of control, so it performs a fuel cut and pops a check engine light.

Of course, they decide to stop then doing donuts, and actually get going to California. On the way through Arizona, a subscriber of his channel catches up to them and hands over a Monster energy drink at highway speeds, another thing we definitely suggest you not do.

After a bit of hilarity (watch the video to find out why a murder nearly occurs on the drive), they…


I personally know that I can do 12, maybe 14 hours driving in one go. But to do 18 hours of driving, between two drivers, throughout the day across three and a half states… I’d have called it at about hour 12.