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Someone Has Already Driven A C8 Across America [VIDEO, Part 1]

Granted, it was because he took delivery across the country....

Corvette C8 carbon flash kit

YouTube user TJ Hunt recently posted up a video showing his drive from just outside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he picked up his 2020 Corvette C8 LT3 Z51, to San Diego, California.

In the best traditions of the American Road Trip, he brought along a co-driver, lots of cameras, and a few special planned stops along the way.

During the trip, he goes through initial break in of 500 miles, which required him to take a detour to get his first oil change done.

On the way through the detour, they drive through Cincinnati and find their first tunnel, which of course means a few shifts and a bit of a pull.

Arriving in Louisville, Kentucky, they get the service done and then head to a slightly important Corvette landmark that is also, oddly, in a little place known as Bowling Green, Kentucky…

They arrive at the National Corvette Museum and set up to take a picture of the C8 when a follower of TJ’s drives up in a 2016 Corvette C7, and they set up a face to face shot.

Realizing they are running short on time, the pair then set off for Dallas, Texas, passing a lot of Corvettes, and even a transporter carrying 10 C8’s for delivery, on their way.

Part 1 ends with them arriving near midnight in Dallas and bunking down for the night, ready to continue their trip in the morning.

Part 2 with summary will be posted tomorrow, March 11, here on Corvsport!