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National Corvette Museum Supporter Donates Last C7 Stingray to the Museum

It's also the last manual Corvette Stingray

last C7 Corvette

The Perfect Place for the Car

Ivan Schrodt is a long-time supporter of the National Corvette Museum, and when the last C7  Corvette Stingray—a historic car to say the least—rolled off the line, he provided the museum with the funds necessary to pay for the car. The car is the last ever C7 Corvette Stingray. 

“I really believe in the Museum and what it does to preserve the history of the Corvette, and serve the enthusiasts of the Corvette,” said Schrodt. “I became a supporter and donor over the years because I think it is important to preserve historic cars. It’s nice when the Museum can have some of those one-of-a-kind cars in their collection. This is the last front-engine Stingray Corvette with a manual transmission that will ever be made. It’s a lot of lasts of its kind.”

The car was recently delivered to the museum where it was brought in and put on display. Museum President and CEO Dr. Sean Preston noted the importance of the addition to the museum. “GM offered the opportunity to purchase the car to us. The Corvette is an iconic car in and of itself, and the last Stingray Coupe with front engine and manual transmission is an iconic car itself as well.”

The car features a white exterior and a red interior just like the first 1953 Corvettes. Because the C8 Corvette doesn’t offer a manual, it makes this the last Corvette Stingray ever with a manual, and that is a very important distinction. 

We love seeing things like this. Kudos the Schrodt for following his passion and securing the car for the museum where it really does belong. This is a meaningful addition.