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[Seeing Double] Which ZR1 Do You Buy When You Hit The Lottery?

Eye Candy: Check out a full photo gallery of these stunning matching 1 of 1 ZR1s

A dynamic duo of 2019 ZR1s/Photo Credit: JFK Auto

What makes these two seventh-generation ZR1s so special, besides the fact that with 755 horsepower they still hold the record for the most powerful Corvette ever? Let’s get right after it!

  • Rare and desirable 1-year only C7 ZR1? Check
  • 7-speed manual? Check
  • ZTK track performance package? Check
  • Uber-low mileage and collectibility? Check
  • Winning $1,000,000 lottery ticket? Check

Awesome, now it’s time to go shopping! What is that you say, can’t decide between a drop top or a hard top? Well, how about matching Ceramic Matrix Gray ZR1s?

Quick Facts

Example 1:

  • 2019 ZR1 3ZR ZTK Coupe
  • 230 miles
  • 7-speed manual
  • Seller indicates this ZR1 helped define JFK Auto (and they turned down an offer when it first arrived)
  • Price: $399,900

Example 2:

  • 2019 ZR1 3ZR ZTK Convertible
  • 950 miles
  • 7-speed manual
  • 1 of 1 Ceramic Matrix Gray C7 ZR1 Convertible with 7 Speed Manual & ZTK Track Package
  • Described by the seller in the feature video as a “true true unicorn”
  • Price: $549,900

I didn’t feature these gorgeous matching ZR1s to comment or critique the pricing, as it’s a futile effort in this Covid-Era Corvette market, where the impossible has become possible with market adjustments and crazy markups. But I will note that these have been for sale for a while, and despite the one-of-one rarity, it would appear the ZR1 market isn’t quite there yet. But as a prior used car dealership owner, I do know that this ole saying usually holds true: “There is an ass for every seat“, and these ZR1s will definitely sell (eventually).

Note: CorvSport has no affiliation with JFK Auto, nor were we compensated for featuring these ZR1s.

Click Here for the ZR1 Coupe Listing

Click Here for the ZR1 Convertible Listing

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Photo Gallery

[Full Feature Videos Below]

230-mile Coupe

950-mile Convertible

Feature Videos