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Owner Compares Lap Times of Shelby GT500 and Corvette C8

Two Great Cars

speed phenom

Two Cars, Same Driver and Track

The YouTuber Speed Phenom has taken delivery of a Shelby GT500 and C8 Corvette, so what he decided to do makes perfect sense. You see which goes around the race track the fastest. 

Speed Phenom, AKA Austin, drove both cars on the same race track on the same day to best compare the cars. This is a great comparison of the cars and Austin kept the lap times for both cars.

The Shelby GT500 has the Carbon Fiber Track Pack. This car managed to win the lap time comparison, but that’s really only part of the story here. Austin goes into detail about each car and what makes them special.

It’s another person proving that the C8 Corvette is more than the sum of its parts and more than a single lap time around a racetrack or a single 0-60 mph run. The C8 is special.

You can check out the full video below. What do you think? Did Speed Phenom give the Corvette a fair comparison to the GT500?