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Check Out This 360-Degree Rendering of the Mid-Engine Corvette

Mid-engine Corvette rendering
Image from Midengine Corvette Forum user Chazcron

You Get All Angles

Most of the time when a rendering comes around it’s a single shot or sometimes two. The one or two angles do a good job of giving you a vague idea, but they’re not at all the full picture. Well, with the 360-degree rendering from Midengine Corvette Forum user Chazcron (Charles Cronley) you do, indeed, get the full picture of the mid-engine Corvette.

Chazcron based his rendering off of the most recent spy shots that are floating around the internet. In the description of the video he says he appreciates GM’s adaptation of the car’s styling to the mid-engine design. If the finished car looks anything like the rendering in the video below—which it likely will—then I have to agree with Chazcron.

The Corvette looks fantastic in deep blue paint. The front end still looks like a Corvette while still managing to pull off the mid-engine design. It’s unclear just how close this rendering will be to the real car, but a quick look back at some of the more recent spy shots and I have to say it looks pretty close.

Chazcron isn’t new to this rendering game. He has had other posts get plenty of exposure before. He seems to know what he’s doing, and in December of 2018 several outlets were showing off a rendering that went into essentially even more detail than this one. it wasn’t a full 360-degree view, but it did travel around to many areas of the car.

With the actual debut of the mid-engine C8 Corvette looming, I’m getting more excited than ever to see what the real car looks like.