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Not Your Father’s Yenko: SVE Announces 1000HP Twin Turbocharged C8 ZR1 Beater

How much will it cost to own the boosted beast that is taking the internet by storm? CorvSport has the full details inside!

The 1000HP Yenko C8 Corvette is coming!

When most enthusiasts (myself included) hear the Yenko moniker, we instantly picture the formidable big-block Camaros cranked out by Yenko Chevrolet in the 60s and 70s. Owned by former racer Don Yenko, the Pennsylvania dealership became famous for offering these big-block beasts to enthusiasts before Chevrolet officially started offering them as an option. After the dealership closed in the early 1980s, the Yenko brand was purchased by Specialty Vehicle Engineering, and SVE has continued the high-horsepower legacy of the Yenko name. The company’s catchy slogan perfectly encapsulates the spirit at SVE: “Creating tomorrow’s classics today!” If you’d like to refresh your memory with previous Yenko Corvettes, I’ve included an archive of CorvSport’s coverage below.

What inspired this Yenko, straight from SVE:

In 1969 the muscle car wars were in full swing, with GM, Ford and Chrysler each developing their own big-block powered performance cars. Not to be outdone, Chevrolet’s Central Office Production Order (COPO) system produced a limited run of Camaros with the now infamous ZL-1 all-aluminum big-block engine, and just two very rare ZL-1 factory-built Corvettes.

Now in the spirit of those awesome ZL-1 Corvettes, Specialty Vehicle Engineering will build 10 of these new-for-2024 and 50 2025 C8 YENKO/SC® 1000HP Corvettes, and they’ll all go very fast…. literally!

That’s right, enthusiasts. Only TEN of these 2024 Yenko C8s will be built, a number that will be “ramped up” to 50 for 2025.

A Quick Bio From SVE’s Website:

For more than 30 years, Specialty Vehicle Engineering has been a Second Stage Vehicle Manufacturer and Tier One Supplier to GM and its dealers, having built over 65,000 cars, trucks, and SUV specialty vehicles making us the #1 GM Specialty Vehicle Manufacturer in the USA! That’s why our company was chosen as the exclusive builder of the current generation YENKO® Supercars!

2024 C8 Yenko/SC Highlights


  • The cost of entry for this remarkable YENKO/SC® 1000HP C8 is reported to start at $99,995, PLUS the cost of the C8. With a lightly optioned 2024 2LT Coupe, we are looking at a combined entry cost of $177,090, which will most likely SURPASS the cost of the new 2025 ZR1. Yikes! But hey, at least you should have roughly 150 more horsepower!
  • The Limited Edition 2024 YENKO/SC® 1000HP C8 Corvettes are available in coupe or convertible models in any factory Corvette color and are available exclusively through GM dealers throughout the US and Canada.


  • Custom-built blueprinted 6.2L LT2-based engine with an aluminum block, forged steel crankshaft, forged H-beam rods, forged 2618 aluminum pistons, and ARP high-strength head and main studs.
  • CNC ported high-flow cylinder heads with upgraded valvetrain, proprietary ground custom camshaft, custom intercooled intake manifold, and custom valve covers with integrated oil separators.
  • Twin Garrett 58mm ceramic ball bearing water-cooled turbochargers with upgraded high and low-pressure fuel systems.
  • Custom performance calibration with Boost-By-Gear boost control for enhanced traction.


  • Upgraded dual-clutch unit in transmission
  • Custom dual-dual exhaust tips in silver or black finish with factory dual-mode function
  • YENKO® badged brake calipers in standard red (custom colors optional)


  • Forged and CNC machined lightweight aluminum 19” x 9.5” front and 20” x 12” rear wheels available in 3 styles and 3 finishes (brushed aluminum, satin black, satin black with machined face) with sYc center cap logo graphics in white or black. Custom wheel colors and center cap logo graphic colors are optional.

Exterior Upgrades:

  • YENKO/SC® side stripe and hood graphics available in 9 colors plus carbon fiber (carbon fiber and custom colors optional)
  • YENKO® Crest exterior body badges (3) for doors and rear panel. Optional exterior upgrades include a rear 1/4 window panel in body color, a high wing rear spoiler, front splitter, side ground effects in carbon flash metallic finish or OPTIONAL custom colors, a body-color or stripe color painted side air inlet trim, and sYc center cap logo colors.

Interior Upgrades:

  • YENKO® Crest 1000HP Twin Turbocharged power badge with your vehicle build number (1-10 for 2024, 1-50 for 2025)
  • YENKO® Crest Twin Turbocharged embroidered front floormats
  • sYc embroidered stock headrests in white (custom colors optional)
  • YENKO/SC® doorsill plates


  • 3-year/36,000 mile (60,000 kilometer) engine and twin-turbo assembly limited warranty
  • 3-year/36,000 mile (60,000 kilometer) non-powertrain component limited warranty

Read the full brochure here.

CorvSport’s Yenko Archives:

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