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BREAKING: Revised ’24 Pricing Released, How Much More Will Your Dream Cost Now?

GM created a phenomenal highly popular eighth-generation Corvette, but is it still a good time to be a fan looking to buy?

A frustrated Corvette shopper

Well, that certainly did not take long, as CorvSport just did a breaking news article on July 13th indicating the 2024 model year price increases. This news update is not about the UAW strike, but from what I’ve seen across social media so far, many enthusiasts are pointing fingers directly at the UAW’s demands. My Weekly News Recap will have more on the strike later this week. Others are understandably pointing out that this new increase won’t be nearly as bad as the “market adjustments” dealers have been charging during this bizarre “Covid Era”.

Exactly how much is this second increase for 2024 Corvettes?

$2100, across the board ($2000 MSRP increase, $100 for destination)

I remember (like it was yesterday) when pricing on the revolutionary C8 was announced in 2019, thinking to myself, wow that is a lot of Corvette for the money, I may even have to join in on the frenzy! There was excitement at CorvSport when we broke the pricing news to our readers on August 15th, 2019.

Flashback: Woah, $59,995 for this new mid-engine masterpiece?

The buzz around the internet in 2019 was palpable, with many dreamers now realizing their dream may not be out of reach. The C8 was so different, so special, so great, and so “affordable” that it opened up the door for those who had never considered the halo sports car from GM. Sign me up! And that’s what many did. Too many. And demand is what contributed to many of the dealer pricing issues we are still seeing to this day.

Here are the new prices (shipping/destination included), with a comparison:

2024 Stingray

1LT Coupe: [2023] $65,895 [2024-7/13] $67,895 [2024-Now] $69,995
2LT Coupe: [2023] $73,195 [2024-7/13] $74,995 [2024-Now] $77,095
3LT Coupe: [2023] $77,845 [2024-7/13] $79,645 [2024-Now] $81,745

1LT Convertible: [2023] $73,395 [2024-7/13] $74,895 [2024-Now] $76,995
2LT Convertible: [2023] $80,195 [2024-7/13] $81,995 [2024-Now] $84,095
3LT Convertible: [2023] $84,845 [2024-7/13] $86,645 [2024-Now] $88,745

2024 Z06

1LZ Coupe: [2023] $106,695 [2024-7/13] $109,695 [2024-Now] $111,795
2LZ Coupe: [2023] $115,895 [2024-7/13] $118,595 [2024-Now] $120,695
3LZ Coupe: [2023] $120,545 [2024-7/13] $123,245 [2024-Now] $125,345

1LZ Convertible: [2023] $114,195 [2024-7/13] $116,695 [2024-Now] $118,795
2LZ Convertible: [2023] $122,895 [2024-7/13] $125,595 [2024-Now] $127,695
3LZ Convertible: [2023] $127,545 [2024-7/13] $130,245 [2024-Now] $132,345

2024 E-Ray

1LZ Coupe: [2024-7/13] $104,495 [2024-Now] $106,595
2LZ Coupe: [2024-7/13] $109,995 [2024-Now] $112,095
3LZ Coupe: [2024-7/13] $115,445 [2024-Now] $117,545

1LZ Convertible: [2024-7/13] $111,495 [2024-Now] $113,595
2LZ Convertible: [2024-7/13] $116,995 [2024-Now] $119,095
3LZ Convertible: [2024-7/13] $122,445 [2024-Now] $124,545

Notice the Dealers Received

CHEVROLET is announcing revised prices effective for vehicles produced on or after October 02, 2023. This revision affects Base Model Prices, DFC, and specific options for 2024 MY CORVETTE. Dealer invoice amounts will increase accordingly. Dealer discounts remain unchanged. Dealer price schedules will be available in GlobalConnect effective October 02, 2023.

Retail sold order price protection eligibility dates are dictated by the customer and dealer order dates as follows:

-Customer order date must be prior to the date of the price increase.

-GM systems order date (date dealer enters in GM system) must be no more than one workday after date of the price increase.”

These units will be invoiced at prices in effect at the date of production; however, the dealer open account will automatically be credited for the price increase once the unit has been delivered.”

Additional Source

The Silver Lining

There are conflicting reports around the internet on what pricing will be honored if you already have an order placed. Some are saying your odds are much higher if your order status is at 2000, but if it’s at 1100 you may have to fight with the dealer to honor the 7/13 prices.

Resources for Those Looking to Buy

The links below from the GM website will assist you in the process. Another essential function of these tools is that you can export your build to your Chevy Rep. This will give them a copy of your exact build, and the reps will rely on this to ensure you the customer are getting your build ordered correctly.

Configurator Links

Click here for the CorvSport C8 Purchasing Guide: Dealers at MSRP and the “Hall of Shame”

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