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National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park to Reopen Kartplex on March 2

National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park Kartplex
Image from NCM Motorsports Park

Have Some Motorsport Fun After Your Museum Visit

If you haven’t visited the National Corvette Museum, we highly recommend you do so, and this March would be a good time to go. Why? Well, you can enjoy all the museum has to offer and then head over to National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park across from the museum for some fun at the Kartplex. 

The NCM Motorsports Park plans to reopen the Kartplex to the public on March 2. That means if you visit that day or after that, you’ll have an opportunity to have some serious fun at the karting track. Get a group of friends together for a fun day at the park.

According to the NCM Motorsports Park website, the Kartplex is closed from Monday to Wednesday. However, Thursday to Sunday it’s open. Hours of operation include noon to 5 pm Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. On Saturday, the track is open from 10 am to 5 pm. Adult and junior karts cost $20 per race, but you can buy two for $35 per person. A two-seater car is $25 per race.

The NCM Motorsports Park offers the Arrive and Drive program providing you with the opportunity to just show up and ride. If you want something more structured or have a special event, you can schedule a group event.

There’s also league racing should you be interested in that, though organized competitive racing is a whole other animal with a lot more time and money commitment. Still, it’s an affordable way to enjoy motorsports. To learn more about league racing or the Kartplex in general check out the NCM Motorsports Park website.