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Mustang And Camaro Ban Proves Corvette Owners Are More Mature

In total, four modern muscle cars were affected by this historic Coffee and Cars ban. Do you behave in your Vette?

Image credited to Supercar.fails via Instagram

If you are in certain circles on the internet, there’s no doubt you’ve seen at least one video of a Mustang (or similar muscle car) leaving a car show while attempting its own show of speed. These antics have become so viral that the accidents that result have created a whole new category of memes, with the Mustang earning the “crowd plow” title. On Wednesday, March 13th, news started breaking around the car community that Coffee & Cars had permanently banned not only Mustangs and Camaros from their Houston show, but also Challengers and Chargers.

Thankfully, at the time of publication, Corvettes were in the clear, which clearly indicates that their drivers are more mature!

Image credited to Supercar.fails via Instagram

Currently, only the Houston, Texas Coffee & Cars have enacted the ban, and classic muscle cars have been spared the embarrassment of a ban. Despite only one location enacting the ban thus far, the Houston event has been dubbed as “one of the largest weekly automotive gatherings in the US,” so this is still kinda a big deal. The event coordinators had hoped a temporary ban, set back in November of 2023, would send the signal to enthusiasts, but the burnouts and exhibitions of speed continued, so here we are.

The announcement came from the Houston Coffee & Cars’ Instagram account, and here is the full post:

Those who support this behavior aren’t true car enthusiasts… It all starts with you. These are the so called ‘enthusiasts’ who have ruined our car gathering. Don’t complain when we do invitationals from starting today, all modern muscle cars, Mustangs, Camaro, Charger & Challengers, permanently banned.

As you can see, the Houston Coffee & Cars is laying some of the blame on the spectators, who line the streets at show exits and encourage activity with cameras out.

Coffee & Cars organizers place some of the blame on spectators/Image Credit: High Tech Corvette via HotCars

Is Coffee & Cars Regretting Their Decision?

The Instagram post that started it all is gone, and their website makes no mention of the ban.

Will it trickle down to Corvettes, and are Vette owners really more mature?

As older generations become more affordable for younger enthusiasts, could the Corvette be next? Will this be a slippery slope with other shows following? As we’ve reported before, Corvette drivers aren’t all saints, as evidenced by this nasty road-racing-related wreck that we featured here.

And let’s not forget that Corvettes have been known to mimic crowd plows as well. Check out this ZR1 we featured last year.

Photo from ZR1_M7 on Instagram
Photo from ZR1_M7 on Instagram
Another angle from @lukecarspotting
Another angle from @lukecarspotting

So, yes, Corvette owners are an older bunch and technically more mature, but with some encouragement and adrenaline, the temptation to act stupid never truly disappears. When was the last time you got a little frisky on the road? If you want to keep up to date with all the fresh Corvette news and maintain a pulse on the lifestyle and culture of this exciting, iconic brand, CorvSport has the fastest-growing Corvette community on our Facebook page, with over 173,000 followers (54,000 since January 2023!). Come join other hardcore enthusiasts and say hello, Douglas B.

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