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Modified C3 Corvette By Mapet-Tuning

While all Corvettes are iconic, and while each has a loyal following of owners and enthusiasts who claim “their generation” is the best, there is little doubt that the third-generation Corvette is one of the most iconic generations of them all. Consider this – the C3 still holds the record for the longest production run of any generation Corvette, before or since.  It was the generation that saw the Corvette “grow-up” from being a powerful track car and Le Mans racer to an iconic sports car synonymous with the American Dream.  The C3 Corvette was owned by astronauts, celebrities and athletes all around the world.  It was showcased in movies, on television and in mainstream music.  It was the first-generation to serve as the official pace car of the Indianapolis 500.

Today, we get to see some companies trying to improve upon the C3 Corvette using modern technology to turn this great classic into an absolute head-turner or a daily monster. In this video, we get to see an exclusive look at probably one of the best looking C3 Corvettes you’ll ever see designed by the folks at Mapet-Tuning.