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Magnaflow Builds A Custom Exhaust For A Corvette C8 [VIDEO]

Sometimes, it's a Corvette fan that makes a company want to do something...

Corvette C8 carbon flash kit

TJ Hunt, the same guy that drove his 2020 Corvette LT3 Z51 2,500 miles across America to get home to San Diego, has done something to help out the community.

Well, the Corvette C8 community, at least.

One of the advantages of living in San Diego is apparently a lot of aftermarket and performance parts companies are located in California. Magnaflow (yes, that Magnaflow) is one such company.

TJ wanted from day one to modify his C8, and when a guy with the funds to develop an exhaust system meets a company willing to do a little welding, well, just listen….

What TJ and Magnaflow have done is not only make a custom exhaust system, but allowed some research and development to already progress in the world of aftermarket exhausts.

As mentioned in the video, they had to rely on a CAD drawing, as well as good ol’ American ingenuity, to fit the exhaust properly. It still gets pretty tight to the rear wheel well liner and fender, but fits.

As well, they cut open the stock exhaust to show what happens inside in regards to the active valve in the exhaust.

Much like the custom system, the stock exhausts operate on an X-pipe layout, where the exhaust flows through the pipes, comes to the valve, and if it is closed, bounces back and into the muffler area.

From the muffler, via positive pressure, it is forced out the inner exhaust tips, which are the muffled ones.

However, with the valves open, there is no bounce back or muffling, so it’s full noise all the way.

It’s always great when a fellow Corvette lover puts in the money to help a company design, install, and test an exhaust system on his own personal car. This should be the first aftermarket cat-back exhaust for the Corvette C8, all because of one owner.