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Lowest Mileage Example Of Revolutionary C4 ZR-1 Up For Bidding On Bring a Trailer

The confident private party seller is offering this 90's King of the Hill with only 89 miles at NO RESERVE

A beautiful 1990 ZR-1/Photo Credit: Bring a Trailer

The C4 Corvette has often been a polarizing generation in our storied 70-year history, but in reality, the C4 was a clean-slate revolutionary step forward for the Corvette brand, and it was so good it soon got banned from SCCA racing after beating up the Porsches (full feature here). When the ZR-1 debuted in 1990 it took the generation to a whole different level, with domination that quickly had it dubbed as the King of the Hill.

Meet the lowest mileage ZR-1 in the country, currently being confidently offered at NO RESERVE on the popular Bring a Trailer online auction site.

With only 89 Miles, it takes time-capsule status to a whole different level

Adjusted for inflation, the 1990 MSRP of $60,690 equals $141,220 in today’s dollars

At the time of publication (11/30/2023), bidding was up to $34,000

The Lotus-designed LT5 engine under that clamshell hood is a masterpiece

My favorite angle, with the wide-body rear being the only notable body difference versus a base C4

The interior looks as it should for the miles

Underneath doesn’t look as clean as I expected

[All photos courtesy of Bring a Trailer]

So, faithful CorvSport readers, what do you think this beautiful 1990 ZR-1 will hammer for? These Bring a Trailer auctions typically get a rush of bidding in the last minutes, so it should be fun to watch. We have the fastest-growing Corvette community on our Facebook page, with over 163,000 followers (44,000 since January!). Come join other hardcore enthusiasts and say hello, Douglas B.

Click here for a direct link to the listing, and to see its final price (if after 12/05/2023)