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LongTubeHeaders Joins The List Of Aftermarket Support For The C8

The options are really starting to open up!

Go back a couple of months and no one was making bits for the 2020 Corvette C8 except for one-off custom pieces.

Then, Kooks brought about their version of long tube headers for the C8. Now, LongTubeHeaders (LTH) has joined the party with their aptly named “Corvette C8 Long Tube Headers.”

The major difference that is immediately apparent is that the LTH headers are developed more for midrange rowdiness over the Kooks, which are designed to give the C8 a throatier, bass growl.

The LTH C8 headers are made of fully American sourced 304 stainless, and are mandrel bent to ensure each pipe has no kinks or pinch points. They do a 4-in-1 reduction right at the cat, giving the exhaust as much time in an independent tube, despite the headers being uneven length.

LTH C8 Headers

This is what we feel gives this particular set of headers the midrange bark it has, as the gasses coming together 4-in-1 instead of 4-in-2-in-1  makes the exhaust pulses smash into each other and cause interference.

LTH C8 Headers

In basic terminology, it’s the effect of dropping four stones into a small pond at four corners, and when the ripples meet in the middle of the pond, that’s what the sound is doing inside the cat forward reducer.

We think that the C8 aftermarket has just started to open up, and it will be exciting covering more and more special bits of kit to bolt to your Corvette C8 as time goes by!