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How Much Love Do You Have For The C5?

Let's take a step back in time and share our love for the fifth-generation Corvette

Do you remember where you were when you saw the first one in the wild?  I recall thinking the C5 looked a bit awkward in print, but much better on video so was on a Christmas Eve-like high with anticipation of seeing one in person.  It’s crazy how impressionable some memories can be, and the day my mother and I were walking in that grocery parking lot is still etched in my hippocampus.  There it was, a fresh off-the-line ‘97 Nassau Blue Metallic Coupe, which was odd as that was the second least popular color, next to Fairway Green Metallic.

Fast forward a quarter of a century and some of the controversies still hover over enthusiasts. Just the other day on Reddit there was a discussion about how big that butt is, and lest we forget those ole wagon wheels, which are probably still regarded as one of the worst GM designs.

But for those of us with unconditional love for the C5, none of that really matters, does it? The 1997 Corvette was the first one designed from the ground up as a Corvette, and that revolutionary design with the robust LS1 grabbed many of us.  It was only two years later when I snagged my very first Corvette, a beautiful Pewter Metallic ‘99 FRC.

So now how about I quit babbling like a smitten middle schooler and we get on to today’s retro video?  Watch it with me to take a step back in time, and then head on over to our Facebook page (or comments below) to share your C5 memories, and pictures of your current C5 if you are blessed to have one. Douglas B.