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Hennessey Performance’s HPE1000 ZR1 Corvette Makes 905 hp to the Wheels

HPE1000 ZR1 Corvette
Image from Hennessey Performance

A Straight-Up Scary Amount of Horsepower

There’s never enough horsepower for the Texas tuner company Hennessey Performance. The company always manages to extract more out of the cars it works on. Case in point is the HPE1000 ZR1 Corvette. The ZR1 Corvette comes with plenty of horsepower from the factory, 755 to be exact. Hennessey can bring that up to 905 hp. Because you can always use more, right?

The company recently released a video of the HPE1000 ZR1 Corvette doing its thing on the dyno. The dyno numbers don’t lie. It showed 905 hp and 844 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. The company claims the power output of the engine itself is 1000 hp and 966 lb-ft of torque. Once that power is filtered to the wheels it’s what the dyno shows.

That’s a serious bump up from the stock car’s numbers. To make that happen, Hennessey takes a standard ZR1 Corvette into its shop of mad engine tuner scientists and adds a long list of equipment, including a high airflow induction system; custom camshaft; ported cylinder heads; upgrades valve springs and retainers, intake valves, exhaust valves, lifters, and pushrods. It also adds long-tube stainless steel headers, stainless steel mid-pipes, high-flow catalytic converters, lower pulley upgrades, and an upgraded transmission (automatic only) among other things.

We’re not necessarily of the mind that the ZR1 Corvette needs more power, but if you feel it does and you own one, then hooking up with Hennessey Performance is the way to go.