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Has GM Finally Made the Corvette Loud Enough?

How far would you go to keep the peace with neighbors?

In a day and age when many enthusiasts try to make their Corvettes louder and sometimes seem to go out of their way to bother others, this C8 owner from California is undoubtedly an anomaly. My first thought was, well done GM for making the storage section behind the engine big enough to hold these two man-made stealth mode monstrosities.

Even though Larry Lee says he has to do this because of the neighborhood he lives in, he does seem very proud of his contraptions. And he does hype the video just a bit when he says. “this could be one of the craziest things you ever see.”

If you are short on time, the muffled start begins at 1:02, then Larry does a non-muffled start at 2:02. Wow, the rumble shook my laptop on the second one. Larry claims this muffling modification makes his C8 three times quieter, and I actually have to agree.

Making a Corvette exhaust quieter is a bizarre concept for those of us who spend thousands to make ours louder, I even did a story on the Corvette rumble here. But in Larry’s case, I think we can all understand as he just wants to be a good neighbor and spent $400 to keep the peace.

Some of the folks who commented on his video had other thoughts, saying “if you can own a car like that, you can find a place with no karen neighbors” and “that’s why I live in the middle of nowhere because I can’t live with someone telling me what to do and not to do in my own house, associations have communist backgrounds.” Well, obviously not everybody is a fan, but I bet his neighbors are.

We often have vibrant discussions on our Facebook page, I would love to hear what you’d do in this situation. Would you say screw the neighbors or try to keep them happy?  Douglas B.