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1991 Greenwood G4R Corvette

1991 Greenwood G4R Corvette

For the fourth generation Corvette, legendary Corvette racer John Greenwood developed the G4R. It was essentially a radical bodykit that usually followed a high level of performance upgrades. Included was a ground effects package that had integrated lights on the front valance. Furthermore the a new engine scoop and rear wing were fitted.

With the development of the G4R body conversion Greenwood has taken styling, aerodynamics and quality to a new level. This state-of-the-art package is more impressive in person than pictures can convey. The Greenwoods consider the G4 series to be the most effective and street practical conversion they have introduced.

The exciting appearance of the Greenwood G4R package comes largely as a result of a seriously functional design. Aerodynamics are designed to be felt at reasonable speeds. You don’t have to drive at the redline to feel the change in your car’s stabilty. Competition tested, the overwhelming effectiveness was proven on Sean Roe’s Greenwood-bodied Corvette which proved capable of dominating races and setting records in the Bridgestone Supercar Series. Adapted for the street and now available for your Corvette, the G4R package offers many features coveted by the discerning enthusiast.

The improved stability, and grip are remarkable and felt at reasonable speeds. Optional Windshield Fairings and Mirrors reduce turbulence and noticeably quiet the interior. Unlike the competition, the Greenwood package actually improves the cooling. The Front Wing virtually force feeds air to the radiator and Hood Louvers and side louvers increase the venting of heat from the engine compartment and improve the function of the radiator.

Hard rubber skids on the bottoms of the Front Spoiler and Rear Quarters prevent painted surfaces from scraping the pavement.

This all serial numbered package represents a culmination of years of research and development. We’ve placed tremendous attention to detail as we considered each and every facet of the driveability of your car. Be among the few to own one of these true collector cars.