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GM to Halt Deliveries of C8 Corvettes Due to Frunk Recall

A minor SNAFU

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A Stop Delivery Order Is In Effect

We reported on the fact that General Motors has issued a recall for the frunk of the C8 Corvette, due to its opening unexpectedly during operation. While the fix is a software one and should be a quick and easy fix, Corvette Blogger found out that the software fix is not quite ready. By law, Chevrolet has to halt delivery because the NHTSA was notified about the recall.

The publication was told that “GM is finalizing a software update.” This means that a stop delivery order has been put on Corvettes. However, it’s not all Corvettes. Some Corvettes were able to be adjusted at the assembly plant before being sent to dealers. This means the absolute most recent cars to hit dealers may qualify to be delivered to customers. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to be delivered until the software update can be made available to all new 2020 Corvettes.

Below you’ll see a copy of the official Stop Delivery Order that was sent out. It’s unclear when Chevrolet will have the software update ready for all of the impacted vehicles, but it would make sense for the company to get those updates out as soon as possible so it can get back to delivering cars.

stop delivery order