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First-Ever Corvette Prototype Seats for Sale on eBay

For $90,000

original corvette bucket seats

A Piece of Corvette History

Have $90,000 you want to spend on a piece of Corvette and automobile history? No, it’s not a car. Instead its the original buckets seats and cushions that were fitted to a Corvette Prototype. 

Installed in 1952, these 68-year-old seats appear to have lived a tough life. That said, they’re still an important part of the car’s rich history. Right now they’re for sale on eBay for $90,000. “These historical First Corvette Seats are the perfect conversational element for the finest Automobile Collector’s Man-cave (or She-shed).”

The seats were likely passed over by many an uneducated or unsuspecting spectator or collector. There were five prototypes made. They were numbered from 852 to 856. The seats you see here are from number 852, according to The Drive.

The car that these seats were in was made on December 22, 1952. It was used as the company’s show car and was never used for testing. In October 1953 it was ordered for scrap. The car’s body was actually used in a fire test in November 1953, so it’s crazy that these seats actually still exist.

If you want to own these seats, they won’t come cheap, but we’d say this piece of history could be worth it. Check out the listing by clicking here.